Review: Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

Billy and me.Photo taken by yours truly.

Billy and Me is the debut novel from Giovanna Fletcher, who to some maybe known as the wife of Tom Fletcher. I knew about Giovanna before Billy and Me as I happen to be a fan of McFly, but this review is not about McFly it is about this book.

Billy and Me, tells the story of Sophie May a somewhat naive woman who gave up the dream of going to university and settled for a quiet life working in a local teashop and living with her mum. The story follows Sophie May and her meeting of Billy Buskin, a young teenage heartthrob actor. The plot explores Sophie May coming out of her shell after meeting Billy and their budding romance, which hits a few bumps along the way.

Some things I must applaud Giovanna Fletcher is writing, is the town of Resefont Hill, it sounds like a picture perfect English countryside setting. I felt the Giovanna Fletcher captured the atmosphere of a small English village. I also wish to point out that the characters are not without their flaws, something I love seeing in novels, some authors tend to fly over their characteristic flaws but Giovanna Fletcher shows the importance of them.
Alas there were something’s that I did not  connect with in the novel, at times I felt Sophie was incredibly naïve and jealous but with her background it was understandable.  I also felt that the romance was a little to cliché, but this is my own taste as I prefer young adult books with a lot of action in them.

All in all, Billy and Me is most certainly a chick lit book and defiantly one for the holidays, it is light hearted in places and easy to read. If there were to be a sequel, I may consider picking it up for a holiday read but that would bit it. If you like romance and chick lit, this book is the one for you.