Review: You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

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Another week and another review. You’re The One That I Want is the second novel from Giovanna Fletcher, who previously wrote Billy and Me which I also reviewed a post or two back. As having read her last book I thought I might as well give her new book a try.

You’re The One That I Want is a story about three friends, Maddy, Rob and Ben and the storyline is mostly about a love triangle. The book also tells you how their friendship was formed and the friend’s trials and tribulations throughout childhood, teens and finally to young adulthood. The story really takes hold during all of three’s teen years. Emotions rise and hormones begin to take over. We then begin see the friendship these three people have shared divert to a new course.

I must say I enjoyed this book more than Billy And Me. In comparison, I found the characters in You’re The One That I Want more interesting and the story itself had an thought-provoking plot. Maddy has to choose between her best friends and decide which one she wants to be with. Both choices offer a mix of negatives and positives. Fletcher’s take on dealing with love in your early twenties is something I found appealing. The writing during the time the friends go to university seems very realistic and true to life. Maddy’s battle with her heart and head appears synonymous with that which many girls or even guys could certainly relate to.

The plot is once again very simple and predictable but with it being a light-hearted romance this is only to be expected. I found the characters more believable and likeable in Fletcher’s second novel, something I struggled with Billy and Me (there is a small cute reference to her first book in this novel which is adorable).  One minor grumble about the book is that I feel like the reader does not get enough of Rob’s point of view, which at times, I would have very much appreciated.

If I am honest there is not too much to say about You’re The One That I Want. I flew through this book in a matter of days and it would be an ideal summer read for those going on holiday.  I feel that this book is, once again, predominately a chick-lit, however, some men could quiet happily and easily read this book. You get two male points of view, which is something that they could consider to be insightful.  Final words? Buy this book if you want an easy summer holiday read, it will do nicely.


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