Too Many Trilogies?

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Unwind, Divergent, Matched, The Lunar Chronicles and Delirium are just a few young adult books that are trilogies and there is probably many more.

Now before I begin, let me start in saying that I do love a good YA dystopian trilogy, The Hunger Games was my calling. However, over the recent years as I have read more YA (which is increasingly becoming more dystopian by the year) trilogies have become increasingly common.
If you go into a bookshop (or Amazon/Book Depository if you are more online shopping) a young adult dystopian novel is mostly likely to be the first in a trilogy. I get it, everyone loves a good series just look at Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings all brilliant series but for me trilogies in YA are becoming too much.
Now before you recoil in shock just listen to some of my reasons:

1. Some stories do not need three books.
I have read many books where after I have finished the book it is advertising the next one/two at the back. I think to myself, well there wasn’t much of a story in this book, how on earth is it going to stretch to two more?  A quick glance on Goodreads can find evidence for my point.

2. Money, money, money.
Harry Potter did phenomenally well there is no debate about that. Selling books was something that Harry Potter took in its stride. But it feels like most publishers have now jumped on this bandwagon and turned to the author and said “Look we need you to make the story last over three books, so we can make more money.” This is a similar concept with books series turned into films (e.g. let’s split the final book in half).

3. Same plotlines, same character.
Even with three books, some trilogies brush over character and plot development. It seems that they need focus on the action or the love story. What about the characters? What about Sadie or John developing some common sense, what even is their back story? Where is this plot even trying to go? It is probably going to be a happy ending in the end.

Three simple reasons why I feel that trilogies are being over used. Something that would be great to see in a YA, is that the story is spread over one book (yeah it might be a fat book but who cares) or even better just two books, not three. It seems that the trilogies are coming at the request of the publishers and it is to make money, which is a shame. But despite all these reasons if I find a YA book that is good from start to finish and I am hooked on it then I would probably read the next in the series however many books there may be. But then again, I am a bookworm.


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One thought on “Too Many Trilogies?

  1. I like how you explained your reasoning on this. I agree. If the story needs a trilogy, then, sure, go for it! For instance, LotR wasn’t even a trilogy in the first place. It was one giant book, but it was too difficult to print that way, so a trilogy worked out.

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