TV at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Another year and another San Diego comic-con. Once again, those who did not get tickets or simply could not afford to go waited with bated breath for information to hit the internet on everything from our favourite TV shows to everything comic book related.  This blog post will be a summary of the TV shows that appealed to me (let’s make it clear I did not attend), so this blog post will contain spoilers from some TV shows, you have been warned. This post would have included films but it’s going to be long enough with the TV shows, however, I will touch on the upcoming Hungers Games Film, Mockingjay.

TV Shows
TV shows are now a staple at comic con. Over the recent years, comic con has been the place for popular TV shows to illustrate to the fan what is coming up in the next season and talk about what happened in the past season. So buckle up as I rundown what happened at two of my favourite TV shows panels (that was your final spoilers warning). There will be honourable mentions as well.

Once Upon A Time (OUAT)
At the end of Season Three of Once Upon A Time, the viewers were left with mostly a happy ending. After a two hour season finale which saw Emma Swan and Hook travel back in time, causing a few problems and trying to fix them before returning to Storybrooke. In the final few moments of the season finale the viewers saw the one and only Elsa enter Storybrooke, which obviously got tongues wagging. Adding to the Frozen excitement since OUAT has gone back to filming, pictures of Georgia Haig who will be playing Elsa have appeared on the internet. It was confirmed by the writers/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz that the Frozen queen would be appearing in OUAT. Alongside the confirmation, the writers shared a clip, which not only featured Elsa but Anna as well. Also there is a picture circling internet of Elsa and Kristoff, so for the Frozen fan you are getting the whole packaging.

The panel which consisted of Josh Dallas (Charming), Jennifer Morrinson (Emma Swan), Colin O’Donoghue (Hook), Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Jared Gilmore (Henry), Lana Parilla (Regina), Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Robert Carlyle (Gold/Rumple) talked a lot about character development. Colin O’Donoghue spoke about how Hook was always “so self-serving” to which Jennifer Morrinson joked that she had brought the good out of Hook. Lana Parilla was proud of the character development that Regina was making and how seeing more sides to her was interesting. There was talk about Rumple and his love for Belle but problems will arise about the dagger issue. Eddy and Adam teased that Henry may be going into the family business with Gold as in the pawn shop which will develop Henry and Gold’s relationship. Sadly, they haven’t thought too much about doing a music episode of the show. To see the panel/clips of it look at the video below.

The Vampire Diaries
So, if you ask anyone that knows me, my relationship with the past season of The Vampire Diaries has been conflicted, to say the least. And I think most people who watch the show would agree with me on this. The panel at comic con consisted of Matt Davis (Alaric), Nina Dobrev (Elena), Paul Wesley (Stefan), Julie Plec (executive producer), Kat Graham (Bonnie) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon). One of the major talking points of this panel was Bonnie and Damon (Bamon) being trapped on the other side which just happens to have been destroyed. There was a six minute video which includes the cast members mainly Ian and Kat asking the fans to save Bamon, the video will be linked down below. It was hinted by Julie Plec that you will see Damon and Bonnie but she could not give too much away (they have only started shooting again).

What we do know is that when the new season starts on October 2nd, it will be four months after Bonnie and Damon became trapped on the other side. There was always a confusing mention about Elena and those who went to the other side and came back not being allowed in Mystic Falls. I did watch the season finale but with this show so much information gets thrown at you, it’s hard to remember everything but I am sure that will be cleared up in the first episode. Stelena fans, sorry to disappoint but the cast and Plec said that it does not seem likely that Stelena will be coming back. Elena is going to be mourning for Damon. Stereoline you ask? Nothing was hinted but even as a Klaroline fan I would like to see something happen there. Also the panel discussed how Alaric is going to be suspicious of Enzo (who I think is a great addition to the show) but I am honestly hoping for a bromance or that Alaric and Enzo fight about Damon. Obviously I can’t include everything in the panel but the video to the plead and the panel will be linked just below.

Honourable Mentions:
The Originals – Another show I had conflict with over the past year. I did not watch the whole panel but from what I gathered, The Originals are going to be dealing with their parents this season and it does not look rosy for them. Claire Holt will make an appearance or two as Rebekah, which is great news, and some new characters will be introduce.

Sons of Anarchy – I still have yet to catch up on season six but I am fully aware of the finale. Damn you tumblr. Season seven is the final season and from what I heard and I’ve read it was an emotional goodbye to the fans. Kurt Sutter, the shows creator was low on spoilers (however, the seven minutes to the start of season seven was shown). Jax Teller is keen on revenge this year and a poll showed that 85% of fans do not believe Juice will make it to the end of the season. Sutter confirmed there would be no spin offs but he is in serious talks with FX about a prequel miniseries (First 9). There was also a teaser about a “fun guest star” the show has already got Marilyn Mason and Courtney Love in recurring roles for the final season.

That is it for TV shows at comic con. The post would have contained other things at comic con such as the Marvel panel and Women Who Kicked Ass Panel but I am sure there other blog posts where you can find information on them. However, before I finish this long post about TV shows, a quick mention about Mockingjay. Not a lot in regards to Mockingjay apart from another teaser trailer which is fantastic, but please can we have the full trailer soon Lionsgate. If you have read the books, you will know the scene from the teaser trailer, and to me it looks fantastic. You can be damn sure when the full trailer comes out I will make a blog post on it. 

So that is it, San Diego comic-con is over for this year, roll on to next year.


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