The Dreaded Dissertation.

Last week I received confirmation from my university that I had passed second year and would be going into my third and final year of university. Which is great, I get to finish my degree and go into the big wide world of work and adulthood. However, before I get there I just have to tackle the small thing of a 12000-word dissertation.

Everyone who has graduate university has done some form of a dissertation in their final year and it is something many people dread, myself included. It is not the amount of words I dread, it is choosing something that can keep me interested for several months and still want to write about. I know some university offer suggestions to their students about what to write about, mine does not. The only thing the dissertation is that it has to be a piece of research that somehow links back to what we have studied. And that is where my problem is.
I would not say I was fickle so that is not an issue. The small thing is I can literally choose to do a piece of research on anything I want. So what on earth do I choose?

I have a few ideas and hopefully by next week I will have finally settled on an idea that I like. Alongside deciding what to do the dreaded dissertation on, I have to become really organised. I do not want to spend my last year at university fretting about my dissertation every minute of the day, this is where organisation comes into play. I have read many blogs stating that you need to get reading for your dissertation as soon as you can because this takes a lot of time (alongside the literature review) so that’s where I hoping to begin next week after deciding on my idea.

So this start of my final university year, I am going to tackle this dissertation head on and not be blasé about it. Because if I want a good degree at the end of my three years at university I have to put the work in, no one else will. A bit of tough love? That might be the case but if I come out with a degree I am happy with then it will be a job well done.


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