5 Horror Films You Should Watch.

With Halloween just around the corner, it is time for a Halloween themed post. As much as the next person, I do enjoy a good film be it thriller or rom com. However, todays post will be focusing on the genre of horror. I am not saying these are the best horror films to exist, I am just saying there are ones to watch.

1. Candyman (1992)
Based on the short story ‘The Forbidden’ by Clive Barker, Candyman is the story of Helen Lyle who is conducting research on urban legends. You should be able to tell where this is going? Helen is determined to find out about this Candyman urban legend and it should be said that Helen is very much a skeptic to the urban legends she is researching.  The ending to this film is probably one of my favourites, even if it is slightly predictable. Candyman is scary enough to make you hide behind a cushion but is cheesy enough not to be taken too seriously. But maybe don’t say Candyman five times in the mirror straight after watching this film.

Candyman 1992 movie pic2None of these images are mine.

2. Saw II (2005)
The Saw franchise has received a thrashing after its last few films were released and I do agree that Lionsgate were somewhat beating a dead horse. I vaguely remember watching the first Saw film when I was in my earlier teens it took me a few years later to watch the second one. To me the second Saw film is one of the best, we see Jigsaw develop as a character and the overall plot of the series takes an interesting turn. Admittedly by Saw IV the series began to get complicated and I soon lost interest in the chain of films, however, the franchise did inspire the Saw ride at Thorpe Park which is one of the best rides at the park I have to say.


3. Cabin Fever (2002)
Described as a black comedy horror Cabin Fever should also come with a gross warning. I was also in my young to mid-teens when I watched this and it made my skin crawl after watching it. There was a lot of moments where I was screaming “Why?” at the TV. Of course, there are humours elements in this film but after watching it I need to take a shower. If you don’t mind feeling cringing and wincing at some scenes feel free to watch Cabin Fever and watch the demise of a group of college kids.


4. You’re Next (2011)
I recently watched You’re Next over the summer with my friend as it was on Netflix. This too is described as a black comedy slasher and yes there are funny moments but this film is about survival. Throughout the film you are question who is next to be knocked off and screaming at the TV for them not to-do certain things. By the end of the film you are routing for the survivor to make it out alive. The ending ends with death but you are surprised by who dies.


5. The Shinning (1980)
Even though The Shinning has got a lot of slack from Stephen King himself and people who have read the book say the film isn’t that good, to me the film has some infamous scenes that you can never disregard. Maybe it is the way you watch Jack Nicholson character Jack, slowly lose himself in the hotel and how you have this feeling things are not going to end well. I think we can all agree that Danny is annoying kid in this film but it would not be the same without him. The Shinning has provided pop cult some great one-liners and great horror film.


Five horror films you should watch, you may disagree or agree but that is horror for you. Such a wide and varied genre of film you cannot cater to all tastes.

I hope you have a spooky Halloween.