My Top 10 Punk Goes…

Due to a family death, I have spent a long time away from blogging. But I am now back and kicking off with a list because everyone loves a good list.

For those who may not dabble in music of the rock variety, the wonderful people over at Fearless Records have been realising complications called Punk Goes… (with the main one being Punk Goes Pop) for roughly fourteen years. Punk Goes… have done some amazing covers over the years and in honour of  Punk Goes Pop 6 recently being released I am going to give you a rundown of my favourite covers from ten all the way down to my number one.

But just before we start a few honorary mentions to the majority of Punk Goes Pop 3, as much I as loved the covers by Woe, Is Me, Sparks The Rescue, We Came As Romans and Mayday Parade they just missed out on the top ten. Along with Escape The Fate’s cover of Smooth on Punk Goes Pop 2 (one of the first songs I listened to from the Punk goes… collection) it just missed out. All great songs but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

10. Billie Jean – Breathe Carolina (Michael Jackson)
Maybe a controversial one to start? Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop but Breathe Carolina cover of Billie Jean just makes me want to get up and move. The whole Punk Goes Pop 5 is one of the strongest Punk Goes Pop albums that have been released and this song deserves to be my top ten because it shows how creative this covers can be.

9. Happy – Palisades (Pharrell)
From the newest Punk Goes Pop 6 is the cover of Happy by Palisades. Like many others, I got sick of hearing Happy everywhere and hearing this new spin on an overplayed record made me enjoy the song once again. Admittedly, I prefer the cover to the original but to be fair the original has been overplay to hell and back.

8. Enjoy The Silence – Anberlin (Depeche Mode)
Moving onto Punk Goes 90’S and this amazing cover of Depeche Mode’s gloomy Enjoy The Silence. My dad’s music taste has always been on point (well mostly) so this song naturally entered my life and occupied me on many car journeys. Anberlin cover is similar to the original but Stephen Christian vocals provides a whole different emotion to this song. Great song, great cover.

7. Umbrella – All Time Low (Rihanna)
At seven we have an entry from one of my favourite bands, All Time Low on the Punk Goes Crunk album. This would be higher in any other list but Punk Goes…  in general have some better covers. All Time Low covered their pop rock/pop punk (whatever you want to call it) style all over this record but you can still tell it’s is that famous  Rihanna song we love to hate. If I am honest, I often forget that All Time Low covered this song but it’s nice when it pops up on shuffle and it is a good cover to sing along to-do.

6. Glad You Came –We Came As Romans (The Wanted)
Another entry from Punk Goes Pop 5 (it won’t be the last) and this is cover I prefer a 100% over the original. I hated the original so much but We Came As Romans have made this song great, the vocals and guitar really push this cover to be a song full emotion and energy (which the original lacked). I really can’t fault the song. A very good job done here.

5. Fuck You – Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green)
Kellin’s vocals were made for this song, no one can fight me on this. As we enter the top five songs, two albums are going to be a common appearance and this is a first from Punk Goes Pop 4, which to me is the ultimate album of the Punk Goes… collection.  Regarding Cee Lo Green’s original, I thought it was catchy and that was about it. But Sleeping With Sirens spin for me really hammers the lyrics home, fuck you girl. The original seems quiet bubbly and sweet whereas Sleeping With Sirens you can tell they are pissed off with the girl. I love a good angry cover and this is one of them.

4. Little Lion Man – Tonight Alive (Mumford and Sons)
I was very late to the party with this cover. I skipped over this cover a lot of times but I think I heard it on a youtube video and I had to listen to the song again. I was not disappointed. I can’t get over how passionate Jenna sounds and it makes me just want to sing along to the song. I love Mumford’s original but I think this cover is on par with it. Both songs have the kick in the middle that sends shivers down my spine and that is why it is in the top five.

3. Just The Way You Are – Pierce The Veil (Bruno Mars)
Bruno Mars song Just The Way You Are was asking for a punk cover and it finally got one thanks to Pierce The Veil. The songs still keeps it sweetness and charming (maybe slightly lovely dovey lyrics) but with PTV’s twist there is some grittiness to the song, it basically becomes a roadtrip song.  This is once again another entry from the powerhouse that is Punk Goes Pop 4, just like entry 4 and 5.

2. Grenade – Memphis May Fire (Bruno Mars)/ Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) – Woe, Is Me (Katy Perry)
There is a tie for second place because I find it impossible to set these two songs apart. Both songs are complete change from the original and I prefer them both over the originals, like a lot. Both songs could easily go on a party mix because both make me pumped. Memphis May Fire provided Grenade with a lot more aggression then the original had and I totally dig that. Woe, Is Me gives Last Friday Night the punk cover it deserves making it perfect for a house party. These two earn the tie for the number 2 spot.

1. Rolling In The Deep – Go Radio (Adele).
And number one is Go Radio’s amazing cover of Rolling In The Deep. As someone who is not an avid fan of Adele, this cover is a great alternative from a band that ended far too early for my opinion. The cover is not as extreme or as out there as some of the other covers on Punk Goes Pop 4 but because it seems somewhat reserved does not make it any less of a song. The song slips right in to Go Radio’s style that I love, for me it is one of the best covers from the Punk Goes… collection.

So that’s it for my top ten, do you have a difference in opinion? Let me know in the comments. And congrats for Fearless Records and the Punk Goes… series for reaching sixteen album compilations, nice job.


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