2014 – What A Year

2014 is at an end and it was only natural that I would do a review post about the past year including the highs and lows that occurred.

Overall, this year has been a mixed one and for the most part, it has been a great year. However, towards the end of this year, my mum was diagnosed with throat cancer and she died three months later.  My mum passing was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with (the whole process is ongoing), I’m still angry that she was robbed the chances of having grandchildren and watching me graduate from university but I know that she was very proud of me. I never expected to lose a parent at the age of twenty and I never expected it to happen so suddenly. I was very close to my mum so facing 2015 without her will be hard that is for sure.

I was once again got to see my favourite band, All Time Low, live this year for the tenth time. This band mean so much to me and seeing them live is always a highlight for me. I can’t wait to see them play Wembley Arena next year, I am so proud of how much they have achieved.   As well as All Time Low, I got to see the super group McBusted play at the O2 arena in London. The show itself was incredible and as a fan of both McFly and Busted it brought back a lot of memories.
2014 was also the year I got to attend two festivals thanks to my university degree (I’ve done long post about both festivals already on this blog). During my time at Hove and Reading festival, I gained loads of hands on experience as well as seeing some amazing bands live in two very different environments. Hove allowed me to spend just over a week in the beautiful country of Norway, somewhere I would very much like to visit again. Reading allowed me get the full experience of a British festival and put me off public camping for life. Admittedly, for live music 2014 was lacking compared to other years but none the less it was enjoyable year for live music.

I finished my second year of university and entered my third and final year. This is my last year being a student and having an ‘easy’ life, 2015 I will need to look for a full time job and enter the big wide world of work. Uni has been great and continues to be, I have had so much support from my friends and tutors over the past few months, which has been greatly appreciate and it make me glad that I picked the university I am at.
I was given the opportunity to work at the Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall this year, which was a dream come true. The Royal Albert Hall is an amazing venue, rich with history and it is visually stunning. It was a long day working at the dance proms but I felt like I thrived in that environment and it made me realise how much I love working at live events.

I spent a lot of time reconnect with friends this year and really cherishing the time I spent with them. I honestly do not know where I would be without my friends. I have four best friends and they bring out the best in me, it would be odd to imagine my life without them. My family have been amazing this year and I would not change them for the world. There was a lot of love in 2014 and I want that to carry onto next year along with the laughter and tears.

So what does the future hold for 2015? I have no clue what 2015 will be like and I will be setting myself so ‘goals’, I can’t stand resolutions. I will be turning twenty one in 2015 and graduating with hopefully a good degree. I will excited to jump into work but also somewhat terrified but I know I will have the support from my family and friends along the way.

So 2015, let’s see what you’ve got!


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