Blogging 101: Create a New Posting Feature

Yes, my Blogging 101 experience has helped but it has been very in and out due to university work. Anyway, the task to create a new posting feature intrigued me.  I know regular commitments are not easy with my current lifestyle but a monthly post might just be right for me.

Starting the end of this month (the post will be up tomorrow), I will be doing a monthly favourites blog post. What the favourites are will vary every month and it will not be tied to anything specifically. It maybe new things, like items I have bought or it could be TV shows I have binged on Netflix.  If I have enjoyed them in the past month then they will be most likely included in the post.

I hope with the monthly blog post, someone reading might take a chance on a new book, film, song or whatever it maybe. So let’s roll on to the very first Monthly Favourites blog post!


Blogging 101: Try A New Posting Style

Once again it the weekend and I am catching up with Blogging 101. Today I am going to try a new style of blogging, I’ll be posting some pictures of my three years at university with no explanation. They are going to be very vague photos but just snippets of my university life.

Year 1:

902 FB_IMG_13478142839804667 1268

Year 2:

DSCN9252 008 DSCN9645

Year 3:

DSCN9763 IMAG1025 IMAG1056

Blogging 101: Build A Better Blogroll

Today I should improve my blogroll but to be honest, I hardly have any links to share that are worthwhile to look at. However, I will scurry around in my bookmarks to see if there is any website that might provided you lovely people with some procrastination time.

Secret Door
The Secret Door is a wonderful little website that can transport you to anywhere in the world.

Town of Salem
The name can give you suggestions about what this little indie game is about.

Just two links that can be quite interesting.  And this was me procrastinating as I should be doing university work right now.

Blogging 101: Daily Prompt

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmet. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

Time Machine.

I am a fan of Back To The Future and Doctor Who so naturally my first choice would be a time machine.  I would buy a time machine on the premise that there were some rules tide with such as that wherever I went I could not interfere with what was happening.

Awful things happen to wizards who’ve meddled with time. – Hermione Granger

I would probably get my aunt to join me on this time travelling adventure because she would love to see how life was like for Tudors. The idea of seeing history in front of your very eyes would be amazing. Part of me would just like to travel to a part of time when I was younger so I could family members again that have now sadly passed away.

A time machine opens many doors and as long I did not mess with what was going on, it would be a blast.

Side note: It took me ages to pick the prompt.

Pick Your Gadget Prompt

Blogging 101: Long Awaited Introduction

As many fellow bloggers I have signed up to Blogging 101 and today our assignment is to introduce ourselves. I have just checked, I have yet to make a post about who I am, oops.

Who am I?
I am Kim (or Kimberley but please don’t). A twenty year old, Gemini, full time student and big time dreamer. Cliché, much? No, I am all things in the previous statement and I am just try to make it through this world like everyone else but maybe putting my own spin on things.

Why I am I blogging?
My university lecturers encourage blogging, something to do with writing more and that it well help with essay and what not. Also, felt that maybe I should blog with a more ‘adult’ take on things instead on using my tumblr to rant and rave about life.

What am I blogging about?
That is a good one as I still do not know. I have been blogging about on/off for about a year (mainly off) and I still not sure what I am on about. I know people say find your niche but my niche is all over. Yes, I do write about book reviews, but I also talk about travel and music. I think blogging is a way of documenting my life and sharing the experiences I am having with people. Call it a melting pot of a twenty something’s life for now.

Who do I want to connect with?
Anyone who is willing to stumble along this journey with me. Let’s all take the wrong path down the yellow brick road (I have a lot of beef with Dorothy by the way).

So here is my start at Blogging 101 and I hope to myself improve this blog along the way. I hope I can keep with blogging every day (and on time) because if I do I might buy myself some all black converse at the end of this.