Blogging 101: Long Awaited Introduction

As many fellow bloggers I have signed up to Blogging 101 and today our assignment is to introduce ourselves. I have just checked, I have yet to make a post about who I am, oops.

Who am I?
I am Kim (or Kimberley but please don’t). A twenty year old, Gemini, full time student and big time dreamer. Cliché, much? No, I am all things in the previous statement and I am just try to make it through this world like everyone else but maybe putting my own spin on things.

Why I am I blogging?
My university lecturers encourage blogging, something to do with writing more and that it well help with essay and what not. Also, felt that maybe I should blog with a more ‘adult’ take on things instead on using my tumblr to rant and rave about life.

What am I blogging about?
That is a good one as I still do not know. I have been blogging about on/off for about a year (mainly off) and I still not sure what I am on about. I know people say find your niche but my niche is all over. Yes, I do write about book reviews, but I also talk about travel and music. I think blogging is a way of documenting my life and sharing the experiences I am having with people. Call it a melting pot of a twenty something’s life for now.

Who do I want to connect with?
Anyone who is willing to stumble along this journey with me. Let’s all take the wrong path down the yellow brick road (I have a lot of beef with Dorothy by the way).

So here is my start at Blogging 101 and I hope to myself improve this blog along the way. I hope I can keep with blogging every day (and on time) because if I do I might buy myself some all black converse at the end of this.


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Long Awaited Introduction

  1. Hi Kim. I, too, have been blogging for awhile now and while at first I wanted to write about growing up in a family of six girls with a dad who cut down trees and sawed lumber for a living, I soon devolved into other things. Sometimes just a random thought would fill my head and I’d develop a post around it just so I could use it somewhere!

    Let’s see where this takes us. 🙂

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