Blogging 101: Create a New Posting Feature

Yes, my Blogging 101 experience has helped but it has been very in and out due to university work. Anyway, the task to create a new posting feature intrigued me.  I know regular commitments are not easy with my current lifestyle but a monthly post might just be right for me.

Starting the end of this month (the post will be up tomorrow), I will be doing a monthly favourites blog post. What the favourites are will vary every month and it will not be tied to anything specifically. It maybe new things, like items I have bought or it could be TV shows I have binged on Netflix.  If I have enjoyed them in the past month then they will be most likely included in the post.

I hope with the monthly blog post, someone reading might take a chance on a new book, film, song or whatever it maybe. So let’s roll on to the very first Monthly Favourites blog post!


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