Monthly Favourites #1

January is apparently the month of January blues, which I did feel at some points in this month. I also found this month be a sluggish one of sorts. After the rush and excitement of Christmas everything seems to slow down this month.  Nevertheless, this is what I enjoyed this month.

Film of the month: Into the Woods
I went to see Into the Woods very early on this month, in fact on the day of its release and I was blown away. I am sucker for fairy tales and musicals, throw them together, and you have Into the Woods. According to those who have seen Stephen Soundheim original musical (based on James Lapine’s book) it stays true to the musical (apart from some changes that were made by Disney).  Into The Woods is somewhat dark compared to Disney’s usually story but I found nothing wrong with this. I loved the casting and found the acting was top notch; no doubt, I will be buying this musical on DVD as soon as I can.


TV show of the month: The Thick of It
I knew of Peter Capaldi’s swear sensation Malcom Tucker before he became the Doctor but I did not have chance to watch the show and found politics a bit of a drag. However, with The Thick of It on my Netflix to watch list that is how I kicked off the New Year. I am very close to finishing the final fourth series and hope to watch the film, In The Loop soon after. I have laughed a lot because of this TV show, the writing is amazing and the insults that are made to all the characters are the icing on top of the cake. I would not recommend The Thick of It if you are easily offended by swearing. However, if you have a slightly dark sense of humour and love good British drama this is the show for you.

tumblr_inline_mutinbWtwV1rr159v(The most PG Gif I could find, not mine.)

Character of the Month: Thranduil
I blame tumblr for this one.  I saw the final Hobbit film back in December and enjoyed it but over the Christmas period and well into January, I found myself beginning to search for Thranduil related things. The sass king of the Woodland Realm was defiantly a highlight to my January. It also helps that Lee Pace is a great actor. So thanks tumblr, Thranduil is the star of the Hobbit films and no one can tell me otherwise.

tumblr_mg0ijxzzVr1r7f4plo1_250(Found here)

Song of the Month: Take Me To Church – Hozier
I am very late to the party with liking Hoizer’s song Take Me To Church. It has been put on repeat multiply times on my Spotify and I am more than a hundred percent sure it will make its way onto my iPod by next month. There is a lot of religious imagery in the lyrics but I enjoy the song purely for its killer chorus, it just such a great song and you can give it a listen here.

Picture of the Month:
I went to the Harry Potter studio tour this January (blog post next week) and I took many pictures but this has to be one of my favourites from the whole of January.


That is it! The first monthly favourites post over. Please feel free to let me know you what you think, if I should include anything next month. Alternatively, do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear them.


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