Monthly Favourites #2

Ahh, February the month of love and romance and none of that will feature in this monthly favourites post.  Not a lot of favourite in this post as it was a quiet four weeks for me working and studying.

Film of the month: Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 is set in San Fransokyo and tells the story of Hiro Hamada and his robot Baymax. I think Disney was hoping for this film to have the same success as Frozen but with boys instead of girls. However, I have yet to see this take off yet but that may change in time.  The film has a focus on brothers instead of sisters and friendship plays a huge element in the plot. Overall, I think the film is enjoyable and I can certainly see myself watching it again.

big hero 6

Band of the month: Imagine Dragons
On my Spotify account this month I have been listening to Imagine Dragons, a lot. I first heard about Imagine Dragons when one of their songs, It’s Time, was used The Perks of Being A Wallflower trailer back in 2012. I then saw them live at Hove festival last year and I really enjoyed their set. Since then I have been enjoying them and they recently brought out a new album this month titled Smoke + Mirrors, which I have been listening too. I also bought tickets for their show in London later this year, so in summary Imagine Dragons have been my jam this month.

TV Show of the month: Broadchurch
Broadchurch is a UK crime drama program, which is finished up its second series this week. Admittedly, at the time of writing this blog post Broadchurch did not impress me as much as its original series however, it did keep me gripped. I can’t really talk about the plot of Broadchurch without spoiling the plot for those who might watch it but essentially the overhead plotline revolves around the murder of a young boy in a seaside town and how the whole town deals with grief, suspicion and the media attention from it. I do believe Gracepoint was the American version, which starred David Tennant and Anna Gunn, it seemed like the season did well but was not renewed for a second season. I strongly recommend watching the first series of Broadchurch because what a TV show! It just keeps you gripped and hooked every single episode.


Purchase of the month: The White Rabbit
I did fall in love this month, with this White Rabbit cuddly toy from the Disney Store.  I do enjoy Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, I find it beautifully coloured and wonderfully imaginative. When I saw The White Rabbit for sale as soft toy I had to buy him. Not only is he high quality (I would expect nothing less from Disney) but he also so fluffy and he just melts my heart. I claimed that I was buying myself a Valentine ’s Day gift when I bought the little fella. I don’t know how long Disney will have in their stores for but if you know someone who loves Alice in Wonderland this might be the perfect gift for someone.

White Rabbit

Food of the month: Pick Up! By Bahlsen
This little delight of milk chocolate sandwich between two biscuits is stuff that dreams are made of. In regards to chocolate, I am not tied to one brand but this month I have found something delicious. It does not help that these bars are so moreish and I don’t feel guilty after eating one. Little things like this really make life wonderful!


Not that many things this month but like I said it was a slow month, next month may be jam packed with things I enjoyed!


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