Under Pressure

You would think that with a final draft of my dissertation and a law essay due in (before the end of March), I would be cramming my every spare minute with completing said work.  This is not the case for a serial procrastinator like myself.

My procrastination is so bad that it has become a household joke in my flat that I will say “I will do it tomorrow.” And yes, it is funny but at times like this when deadlines are closing in I should be doing something. But no, not me.

If you need someone to avoid doing task or just waste hours of the day away, I am your girl! Recently I spent at least two hours on some gaming website ignoring the small fact that I needed to get a shower. Ridiculous? I know.
All this procrastination is putting pressure on myself when I could have all this work done and then waste time after. But oh no, I don’t think like that. I am not even worried (yet) about the looming deadlines. I need to change…somewhat.

Until my dissertation is in, only at night after dinner/tea (or whatever you call it) I shall waste hours watching YouTube videos or surfing the web. I need to be a today girl, not a tomorrow one. Maybe writing all this down will kick my ass into gear.
Does anyone else have the same problem as me? I promise I will reply at night and not when I am supposed to be doing work!


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