Dear Maria, Count Me In

Just under two weeks ago my favourite band, All Time Low played Wembley arena and I have never been so proud. After twelve long years from playing in a basement, to dingy clubs, to theatre venues the boys from Baltimore, Maryland finally played Wembley.


This blog post is going to be a hard one to write because trying to explain in a somewhat elegant fashion what this band means to me will be difficult. I became a fan of All Time Low back on 2009, I was fifteen and I knew of the band but I did not consider myself a fan until I saw them live in concert. It was that that sealed the deal with me for this band. By 2010, I found myself signed up to All Time Low’s fan club The Hustlers (at the time it was The Hustler Club). Through the fan club I made some great friends and have managed to meet the band twice, my most recent meet and greet was in 2012.

Jack and meJack and me.

It is hard for me to explain how All Time Low music has helped me through the years, I feel that their music has helped me at different stages of my life and it has been the thing I needed most at certain points. The band themselves have also helped, beyond the dick jokes on stage they care a hell of a lot for their fans and that was evident at the Wembley show. Sometimes the guys tweet little things such as they love us or a funny anecdote can really brighten my day as silly as that may sound.


I have to talk about All Time Low live because those are the moments were I love the band the most. The band always put on an amazing performance but hearing the songs that I love live just sparks something deep down inside of me. One of my favourite songs by the band is Guts, the lyrics are simple but the song tells me to brave and to be strong because I’ve got the guts to say anything and when I hear it live all my worries wash away. I have seen All Time Low eleven times and I could not not pick a favourite concert because every gig has so many memories attached to it.

Wembley for me showed that All Time Low’s hard work is paying off. The boys tour nearly 300 days out of the year (well it feels like it to be honest). Wembley was a way of showing that all those days touring, building their fans base, visiting every place possible was all worth it because you sold out Wembley. 12000 people where there to see All Time Low. The show itself was amazing, it was one of those you had to be there gigs! It was also filmed so I will be watching that on repeat for sure.

With album number six on the cusp and from what we have heard from the songs it looks like All Time Low is still on top form. Have they reached their peak? To some maybe, but I am happy to watch these four boys for Baltimore grow and see the success they deserve.


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