Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!!!

Back in January of this year I decided that I was finally going to get my hair cut as the length was getting too much for me to handle and my hair need a new spring of life. It was over the following months that I decided that I would donate my hair to The Little Princes Trust who make wigs for children with cancer. I heard about the charity a few months ago from YouTuber and West End actress Carrie Hope Fletcher as she mentioned them in a YouTube video. She went on to say that she would be cutting her hair at the end of her run as Eponine (Les Misérables) and would be donating her hair to the charity.

Hair Cut

Towards the end of March, I began looking into the charity and discovered that the charity does not make the wigs themselves as a company in China does. Due to various reason sometimes hair can be rejected (the donator will never know) and this is why they ask for donations to be raised as well so if this happens the charity can buy wigs, which are around £350 a wig. It was at this point I decided I would make a donate page alongside cutting my hair so people could donate to such a worthy charity.  Roll on to the Easter holidays; this was when I decided to do the big cut.


As of posting this entry, it will have been just over a week since the cut. On Monday, I visited my dad’s house and later that day Abie, my stepsister and long-time friend cut my hair. I must stress that Abie is training to be a hairdresser and has cut and dyed my hair on numerous occasions so I trusted her completely. All the way up until the initially cut I was not worried about losing so much hair but just before she cut it and after, I couldn’t help but feel  extremely self-conscious of the choice I made.


After my hair was cut further into my desired style, it then dawned on me what a huge thing I had done. I’ve always considered my hair as one of my favourite things about myself, it was long and blonde and despite the tangled mess it could become I still loved it. Cutting was big for me, in a way it marked a new chapter in my life as it was the first haircut I had since my mum passed (the last time I had my hair cut properly was back in 2013). The next morning when I woke up, I was surprised not to find strands of hair on my pillow, it was a nice change to say the least.


Later on that day, I went to the salon Abie was training at. She added highlights and some dye to my hair, which looked amazing. The adding of the dye to my hair was mainly for Abie as she needed a hair model but I was happy none the less to have colour back in my hair (I have been a fan of dip dyeing my hair). The overall result was great and many people have complimented on my hair saying that not only does it look a lot healthier but it makes me appear more grown up. I am considering on having short hair for some time now as it will be much more easier to maintain and look after.


If you are interested in donating please just click on the link below, I would be extremely grateful if you could spare the smallest amount of change.


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