Uh-Oh Those Summer Nights!

I love good music and I love Spotify (but not enough to get premium) and over the past summer I have  heard a lot of really good tunes played on the radio. For the past few weeks I have been complying a playlist called Summer Jams. Now a lot of the music on this playlist is not to my usually taste but I feel like some of these songs encapsulate the feeling of summer, you know the feeling? Thankful that you finally have some sunshine and hoping it lasts for the festival you are attending in a few days. I will be adding more songs to this playlist when I find a song that gives me major summer vibes. Feel free to check out my Summer Jams playlist, do you have a go to playlist for summer? I also have a Christmas playlist but that is for a later blog post closer to Christmas.



I am now a graduate!!!

After three long years of blood, sweat and tears I can now say I am a graduate!  This week I graduated from Buckinghamshire New University with a 2.1 degree in Music and Live Events Management. The past three years have been a worldwide of emotions and looking back I’ve really enjoyed myself.


Three years ago, when I was filling out my UCAS application I had the vaguest idea of what I wanted for a career. I chose to pursue something music related as I loved music and going to gigs. Interestingly, my first choice university was not Bucks it was LIPA. Unfortunately, I did not get in but in hindsight going to Bucks was probably the best thing to happen.


I have made some friends for life at university and somehow become closer to my friends at home as well. In the past three years, I have made many memories with this group of friends that I will cherish forever. However, I have also learnt that despite going to university some people still have a lot of growing up to do.


I will forever be thankfully to my university and my lecturers for giving me some many opportunities such as working in Norway and at the Royal Albert Hall.  I feel like my course has provided me with wide range knowledge and skill sets that I will take forward into my future careers. Despite all of this getting a job after university is proving somewhat difficult but that is for another blog post.


I think I have grown up massively during my time at university; I was forced to rely on myself as I was four hours from home. Yes, I still called home from time to time with questions about food, shopping and washing but it wasn’t like someone could come and sort out the problem for me.  I may miss the university itself but I very much doubt I will miss the town in which my university was based. Thank you Bucks for the past three years, it has been a wild ride.


P.S if you are interested my dissertation was about YouTube Celebrity Culture (and yes, I am no longer obsessed with YouTube as I was before I started the whole thing).

Monthly Favourites #4

It has been a few months since I last did a monthly favourites, but in my defence university destroyed a lot of my free time. Anyway, enough of the excuse here is this month’s favourites for September.

Film of the month – Men, Women and Children
Men, Women and Children is an ensemble comedy film that was released in 2014; it is based on the novel (of the same name) by Chad Kultgen.  The plot of the film follows a series of people and their use of the internet; we see how their use of the online world affects their daily lives.  The film is a snapshot into these characters lives but at the end, you can’t help but feel that some of the actions have long term consequences. The film makes you think about your ‘online life’ and how it effects your ‘real life’. This is why this film is one of my favourites this month.

men women children

TV Show of the month – Nashville
I am late to the Nashville party because not only does my nanna watch it but so do my two of my best friends. After speaking to the three of them about the show I decided to take the plunge and watch a few episodes and now I am on the second season.  The show starts out following the lives of two big country stars but over the seasons we are introduced to a wide range of characters. A lot of the storylines entwine with one another and there is hardly a dull moment. I recommend watching it even if you only have a slight interest in country music.


Music of the month – Nashville
Surprise, surprise! I love the music from Nashville, it is something I am listening to on repeat at the moment. Below is one of my favourite songs from the show.

Food of the month – Crispy M&M’s
I like M&M’s but Crispy M&M’s are 100% better. This is the food of Gods.

crisp M&Ms (amazon)

Book of the month – Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys
Set against in 1950’s New Orleans this book is everything you could possible hope for in a book set in the 1950’s. The readers get a small snapshot into Josie’s life that is filled with a wide range of diverse characters. Josie is trying to make her way through life without too much hassle from her mother (who just so happens to be a prostitute) but of course, her mother sticks her oar in. It is not a fast paced book but it is has its twist and turns that is for sure.

Out of the Easy Cover (goodreads)