Zero Hours Jobs Are Alright

I may mention politics in this post but hold on I won’t be dragging it out.

I work two zero hour jobs, in fact since I left high school all I have done is zero hour jobs and it has been very helpful to me. However, some people in the UK do not see it like that, politicians for that matter. Recently according to Independent, the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seems very much against zero contract hour jobs, it was a large part of his manifesto. But Mr Corbyn is not on his own, David Cameron (UK Prime Minster) claimed he was wanting to protect those who worked zero hours. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that zero hour jobs are not what people want and that these types of contracts can be abused by companies. I am not here to get involved with the ethics of why zero hours is good or bad, I am just going to talk about my experience.

Having a zero hours jobs means first off I can pick my own hours and now that I have two of them I can organise my life around them. Yes, not every week will be the same but my current lifestyle allows me to flexible. I am currently considering a move to a city, with zero hours I am under to no obligation to the companies I work for; I am not tied to a contract.
However, I have also seen the harsh side to the zero hours (not the extent some poor people go through). Since the end of August my first job could not provide me with hours to work (it was the same for everyone else in that company), while not earning and having very little to spend has been a slight annoyance this past month it has not been dire. However, if I was in rented accommodation and had mouths to feed it would be very different circumstances indeed.

Zero hours jobs are not as simple as black and white, there is a lot of grey area and it does depended on the company you work. I’ve been very lucky in that case. Zero hour jobs are a lifesaver to students, I think the government realises this. In summary zero hours job are alright.


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