The Best Albums of 2015

Imagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors
Smoke + Mirrors is the second album from Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons and after recently, seeing them in concert I can say this album is one of my favourites this year. If you like your rock with a brush of pop, Imagine Dragons is the band for you. Some of their more ‘heavy’ songs such as Friction and I’m So Sorry reinforce the rock image of the band were as songs such as Shots showcase the bands ability to transcend genres. They are some songs I don’t care for on this album but overall it is a solid second album and the songs are even better when performed live.

Florence + the Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
I have waited a long time for the third album from Florence + The Machine and it finally arrived this year in all its beautiful glory. The album is the sound we expect from Florence but it is less angst than their previous albums, it is calm storm. Queen of Peace, St. Jude and Ship To Wreck are for me the stand out songs on this album. I have no doubt these songs will sound amazing live.

5 Seconds of Summer – Sounds Good Feels Good
Over the past year and half I have become a big fan of 5SOS I think it is due to them sound like a young All Time Low. Since I have started listening to the band their music has grown, they seem to be finding the feet with their music and writing style. Sounds Good Feels Good is a great album, like really great, you can tell the boys enjoyed making the album. By far my favourite song is Catch Fire, it screams All Time Low (no surprise the Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low co-wrote the song), it is a style I really see 5SOS embracing. Other gems from this album include Permanent Vacation, San Francisco and Vapor. I’m so glad I will get to see the band live for the first time next year.

All Time Low – Future Hearts
The sixth album from All Time Low has been a long wait for some people but to me it still feels like not that long ago Don’t Panic was released. Future Hearts was All Time Low’s first number one album in the UK and it hit the top spots in several other countries.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album, it took me a while to warm up to Something’s Gotta Give so I was a tad hesitant. However,  I had no reason to be worried, Future Hearts stole my heart! Missing You is a perfect song for the fans, it is All Time Low’s way of telling you “Hey, it’s gonna be okay.”  Dancing with a Wolf, Cinderblock Garden and Your Bed are the tracks that I play on repeat.  All Time Low struggled a few years back with where they were going (musically) but it seems like they are finally back on track and are putting out their best music yet.