Goals for 2016

I personally dislike the term New Year’s resolutions, it is cliché and not to mention extremely cheesy. However, I do like to set myself goals for the following year, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. This year some of my goals including eating better, be more creative and better bedtime but to be honest with you some of them rather vague. With such vague goals, it was hard to work out if I achieved any of them. Interesting I did set myself a goal to keep a dream journal that admittedly I have not been as proactive in filling out as I could have been but I have kept going. With all that said, here is my goals for 2016.

Read 21 books
This goal is back again, I am so determined to get back into reading next year so any book recommendations are welcome (nothing to sci-fic though prefer that on the big old screen than in a book).

Work on my blog and YouTube
Yes this is vague but I know if I set myself a challenge of posting a video once or several blogs post a wee I won’t. I am not strict enough on myself when it comes to schedules. How am I going to make sure I work on this blog and YouTube? If I ended up post weekly (more than weekly on the blog) then I would consider that a success. I guess this goal ties in with being more organised, either way next year I will be able to tell you all if this was a success or not.

Get back into photography
This is a very last minute goal one that I only thought of yesterday surprisingly. I was taking photos for my thumbnail for my upcoming YouTube video and I got this feeling of wanting to take more photos with my ‘fancier’ camera, I liked that feeling. I have the books and you can teach yourself anything with tutorials on YouTube. I don’t want to be a photography but I want to be somewhat good at taking pictures.

Write a book
I have a few story ideas floating around and I wouldn’t mind getting them down and writing a book. I have no intention of trying to get published, I just think it would be nice to write one. I know there is NaNoWriMo but it seems extremely punishing, I don’t think I could handle the pressure.

Bonus goal: Attempt to learn the ukulele
I have a ukulele, I have had this instrument for nearly five years, I have yet to learnt to play it.

Do you have any goals for 2016 or do you hate New Year’s resolutions?


Merry Christmas, Here is a Playlist

If you are a regular reader of my blog by now you should I am a fan of make the old mix tape now and then. With Christmas around the corner, here of course is Christmas playlist. I made this particular playlist back in 2012 in my first year of university in preparation for our uni Christmas day so not all of the songs are to my personal taste. There are some songs that may not seem like they should be in a Christmas playlist but these songs remind of Christmas so there are worthy of their place.

And finally just to put it out their my favourite Christmas song is either Fairy-tale of New York, Last Christmas or  Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass.  Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

My Reading Challenge

This year I set myself the challenge of reading twenty-one books (the same as my age), I really wanted to read more and I thought by setting myself an  achievable target I would succeed. I was wrong, so very wrong. My main and overriding rookie mistake was setting myself a challenge this year, the year I completed my degree and finished my dissertation. Dissertations are a long, hard and take up a lot of your spare time. There is also a mass of reading that needs to be done and for the first half of this year my reading was seriously dented by the dissertation.
What about after my dissertation?  Well frankly, I wanted to lie down in dark room for several hours (and finish watching Sons of Anarchy); it was fair to say reading was not my on radar for the month following hand in day. Also money played a large factor in not being able to purchase books.

As of this post I have read a total of ten books (I don’t count books that I gave up halfway through *cough cough* looking at you The Post-Birthday World), I am disappointed in my dismal attempt. Don’t get me wrong, some of the books that I have read I have really enjoyed but I just want to read more because I do love reading. By far the best books I have read this year were A Court of Thorns and Rose and Throne of Glass both by the same author, Sarah J. Maas.

Next year I am going to set myself the same task as this year. Twenty-one books, rereads do not count (f they did I would be a lot higher than ten), I will have no dissertation to contend with so the year should be on my side. I will report next year with how it went.  Wish me luck!