Beautiful Books

As a bookworm, I try not to judge a book by its cover as the old saying goes. However, some books are much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than others. Some books could have great covers but the contents of the book could be poor, this works vice versa. But today I am not talking about what is on the inside, I am talking about what is on the outside.  Not all the books I have chosen are favourites of mine, in fact some of the books I didn’t rate that much but the cover of the book is simple beautiful.

Hardback Collage

The first three books are different from the rest as they are the ones with pictures or illustrations in. The illustrated version (illustrated by Jim Kay) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was gifted to me this Christmas by my Nanna, the illustrations in the book are sooo pretty and remind me of some of the concept art from the film. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Illustrated by Robert Ingpen) is a beautiful book with some illustration in colour while others are black and white. I have always been a fan of Alice and her tales of Wonderland; I find the nonsense of the whole plot absolutely wonderful.  Primrose Bakery Everyday is also a new book (Christmas present from my stepdad), I asked for a baking book and this is what I received. The colour combinations of the book are well put together and they complement the stunning pictures of the various baked goods. I can’t wait to start baking some of these delights, they all look so appetising.

Paperbacks 2

These last four books are a mixture of soft and hard backs and all have great covers (or dust cover in the case of After Alice).  Fahrenheit 451 is probably my least favourite book of this whole lot but it is probably my favourite cover, it is simple and striking. The cover of Out of the Easy is a clear and crisp image. Once you have read the book, the image on front symbolises the whole book about trying to break out. Extraordinary Means sadly fell short in my expectations, yet I still find the front cover one of my favourites to date. Just like Fahrenheit 451, the tree shaped lungs tell you a lot about the novel. And the final book that pleases my eyes is the dust cover of After Alice, I have yet to read this book (another Christmas gift) but I always like Maguire’s take on retellings.

I know there are many beautiful books covers in the world but these are the few that I own and have to hand. I have seen some YouTube videos on book spines so that may be a blog posts at some point.  Do you have any books were the covers are striking or appealing, if so let me know? Or do you have different editions of the same book because you love the range of covers?


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