What is good to watch on the box?

As you may know by now, I am a fan of TV. I also like recommending things to other people; you can see where this is going. In conjunction with my newest YouTube video, here are some TV shows I would recommend watching if you haven’t already.

Sons of Anarchy (2008 – 2014)
At first glance Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is about a bunch of bikers who have a taste for crime but trust me the show is so much more. SOA follows the life of Jax Teller, his family and his beloved club, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunman) is a compelling lead and struggles with his moral compass and what is best for his family and what is best for the club. Over the seven seasons as the club falls into more illegal practices cracks slowly begin to show within the club and its members.
I can say with certainty each season of SOA is full to the brim with action, heartache and excellent storylines. The acting in this show is second to none and there is not one character who seems to be wasted. If you are into crime drama at its best then this is the show for you, but be warned it gets emotional so bring some tissue along for the ride.

Supernatural (2005 – present)
Supernatural is about two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who go hunting things that go bump in the night, that in its simplest form is Supernatural. It recently surpassed Smallville as the longest running sci-fi drama on North America TV. Supernatural is a lot more than just two brothers killing things, it is funny, emotional, heart wrenching and exciting. It is currently on its 11th season and from the recent news, it looks like it will be getting a 12th season if leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are still happy with the show (from what I gather this seems likely).
I am late to supernatural, like super late. Only late last year I started watching the show and I was hooked. I am currently on the 6th season and it is just getting better with each episode. I think Jensen and Jared are phenomenal with their acting and they portray Sam and Dean so well. Before I finish rambling about Supernatural, I have to mention the viewers of the show who are ever present on social media and are incredibly welcoming.

Once Upon A Time (2011 – present)
Emma Swan is a bounty hunter who apart from her job has a normal life, until her son turns up at her door and insists that she comes to Storybrooke and break the curse that is upon its residents. Once Upon A Time (OUAT) is on ABC which Disney owns so expected a lot of fairy-tale/Disney characters in this show. Throughout the five seasons, OUAT takes it viewers to Neverland land, the Enchanted Forrest, Camelot and back in time. The acting is good, the plot sometimes falls flat and the graphics are not amazing but the show is loved and that’s what makes it still worth watching.
I started watching OUAT as soon as it came on to UK TV and I loved it from the start. Some people may hate OUAT, others may love it but there is something very homely about the whole thing.

The Thick of It (2005 – 2012)
The Thick of It got a mentioned in the video but it also gets a mention in this blog because it is a damn good show that is underrated to say the least. I am not going to add much more as I talk about the show in some detail in the video but if you like dark/black comedy this show is for you.

So that’s all the TV I have to recommend for now, do you have any TV shows recommendations, if so let me know in the comments below!


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