Six Months On

This week I was talking to one of my university friends who was asking if I would be attending an alumni event in London which was begin put on by my former university lecturers.
Lol, no.” Was my reply.
The conversation then fell to what I am currently doing job wise and my friend was angry for me as many people are in the same situation as me. People who have graduated with honours and are still looking for employment be it full time, part time or something within their chosen field.  I could not help but agree with her, I am angry as well.

I graduated university six months ago and since then my university and former lecturers have had very little contact with me. My university had a research company ring me in January to find out what I was doing and to rate the university in terms of success; looking back I was somewhat generous with my answers.

So where am I six months after graduating?

I am in between two zero hours jobs (I wrote apiece how zero hours were not that bad, I still stand by that piece) and I finally have a part time job at a local supermarket. In all honesty having a degree did not help me get these jobs. In contrast to fellow university peers, I am not where I want to be. The large majority have some role within the music and/or events industry, one friend is studying to become a teacher, some students have even had helped from former lecturers. I have not had anything, apart from references.

I have never expected job opportunities to land in my lap but over the past few months I have been applying for a lot of jobs, I have sent my CV off and filled out enough forms to make my head spin. Sometimes I get interviews which I extremely grateful for but it always ends up being down to the dreaded word ‘experience’. My CV is not bare, I have volunteered at events, I have done unpaid roles and I have been doing this since high school yet people still won’t look at you. As my family say “How are you suppose to get experience if no one will give you any.”

Do I feel like the world owes me a favour? Yes and no. Yes, because ever since high school it has been drilled into me that going to university will make me successful, I will earn more money in the end and it will be worth it. No one (I mean teachers and lectures, in fact lectures have said the music industry is a growing business) mentioned anything about the lack of jobs, yet the studies and media have given me plenty of warning.  So yes, I feel like maybe I deserve a chance. But on the other hand, the world owes me nothing. I chose to go to university, I chose my degree. I need to grow up and realise the world isn’t fair.

You could say that is has only been six months and I shouldn’t worry but in another six months there will be more graduates in the world with possibly more experience. Time is not on my side. Part of me is considering a postgraduate degree, if over the summer little has improved with my career prospects I may seriously begin considering this option. I am still going to apply for jobs, jobs that I want, entry-level jobs that will get me to my dream job. But it is hard work and tiring applying for jobs as well as being constantly knocked back. However, all I can do is keep applying and maybe one day someone will open the door and say yes.