Goals for 2017 (aka A Review of Last Year’s Goals

First off let’s see how well I did this year with the goals that I had in place, they were the following:

– Read 21 Books
– Work on my blog and Youtube
– Get back into photography
– Write a book
– Learn the ukulele (bonus goal)

Now if we look at this from a statistical view, I failed.  However, I’m not keen on maths and I am looking at this as aims to achieve more than anything. So let’s break it down, what went well, what worked and what my goals are for the upcoming New Year.

Reading 21 books was admittedly a high task for me, I had just finished university the previous year and frankly still had issue with sitting down and reading. As of writing this blog by the time, it gets to New Year I will probably be hitting seventeen/eighteen on new books that I have read. It is three off my actually goal but a massive improvement on the eleven new books I read in 2015. I am going to take this as a partial success and a lesson. I am not going set myself such a ‘high’ goal next year; instead, it is going be twelve books. One new book a month, at least. This seems achievable.

Regarding the goal about working on my blog and YouTube, I said last year that I wasn’t sure how I was going to measure the success of this. So here, we are a year later. Looking at my stats things have improved but ultimately not as much as I would like. I have posted 18 times on this blog, which roughly works out at 1.5 blog posts a month, which I would consider consistent. During the latter half of this year, I dropped out of blogging due to other life commitments yet despite this it does show I can be somewhat regular with my content. This is a similar story with YouTube, it is not as impressive but it does show that when I put my mind to it I can commit to doing things.

And the last three goals, I admittedly failed on all parts. I did start playing my ukulele early this year but once again, when things got busy I dropped it, which is a poor excuse. The photography goal was a nonstarter and it did not help with me being a slight recluse for most of the year. I do intend on taking my camera home for Christmas and seeing what I can capture. Lastly, the write a book goal was just an idea I had and I still have the same idea in my head, maybe in the upcoming year I might actually put pen to paper and make some progress with this.

This leads me to the question, what are my goals for 2017?

– Read 12 books (one a month seems easy enough.)
– Clean up my social media accounts/computer (it is something that needs doing, clean computer clean mind.)
– Work on improving the foundations of my blog and YouTube (this is something I need to continue with. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.)
– Find time to explore the ukulele and photography (I don’t have to master them, just be able to play a few chords on the uke and have taken some pictures that I am proud of by next year.)

– Pass my damn drivers test (third time lucky, here is to hoping!)

In year let’s review, same time same place, see you then!


Goals for 2016

I personally dislike the term New Year’s resolutions, it is cliché and not to mention extremely cheesy. However, I do like to set myself goals for the following year, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. This year some of my goals including eating better, be more creative and better bedtime but to be honest with you some of them rather vague. With such vague goals, it was hard to work out if I achieved any of them. Interesting I did set myself a goal to keep a dream journal that admittedly I have not been as proactive in filling out as I could have been but I have kept going. With all that said, here is my goals for 2016.

Read 21 books
This goal is back again, I am so determined to get back into reading next year so any book recommendations are welcome (nothing to sci-fic though prefer that on the big old screen than in a book).

Work on my blog and YouTube
Yes this is vague but I know if I set myself a challenge of posting a video once or several blogs post a wee I won’t. I am not strict enough on myself when it comes to schedules. How am I going to make sure I work on this blog and YouTube? If I ended up post weekly (more than weekly on the blog) then I would consider that a success. I guess this goal ties in with being more organised, either way next year I will be able to tell you all if this was a success or not.

Get back into photography
This is a very last minute goal one that I only thought of yesterday surprisingly. I was taking photos for my thumbnail for my upcoming YouTube video and I got this feeling of wanting to take more photos with my ‘fancier’ camera, I liked that feeling. I have the books and you can teach yourself anything with tutorials on YouTube. I don’t want to be a photography but I want to be somewhat good at taking pictures.

Write a book
I have a few story ideas floating around and I wouldn’t mind getting them down and writing a book. I have no intention of trying to get published, I just think it would be nice to write one. I know there is NaNoWriMo but it seems extremely punishing, I don’t think I could handle the pressure.

Bonus goal: Attempt to learn the ukulele
I have a ukulele, I have had this instrument for nearly five years, I have yet to learnt to play it.

Do you have any goals for 2016 or do you hate New Year’s resolutions?