The First Dive into the Online Dating Pool

After a bottle of rose, a sudden urge to flirt shameless and the realisation that I do need a date to take to my best friend’s wedding next May I downloaded Tinder. Let me just preface this entire blog, I have download Tinder several times and found it lacking in anything but for some reason I thought fuck it. So a few weeks ago I went on my first tinder date, the experience was interesting to say the least.

For the sake of this blog we shall call him band boy, that is his identifier for this blog post. After a few chats (lessons one) on Tinder and on Facebook, we quickly arranged to meet at the Irish equivalent of Wetherspoon’s in Manchester city centre.  Before we even got to the pub, he called me the wrong name (lesson two), that should have been my first incline to how the night would go. After then being ignored for several moments by the bartender we got some soft drinks and headed to chat on some sofas. We talked and I soon discovered that he was a little dull, he didn’t seem to have a passion for anything and was happy to just chill at home all his life. I didn’t leave within the first hour because I thought that things might improve, I was wrong. It felt that I asked him questions about his life and his interest yet he never returned the questions. Isn’t that how a conversation is meant to work?

We have moved sofas and on our third soft drink and he decides to sit next to me, which I was awkward as hell about. Soon we are kissing and the first thought I had was wondering what time train I should get back (lessons three). Before anyone jumps up he didn’t force himself on me, I was just somewhat surprised he thought the date was actually going somewhere. I soon made my excuses and left to catch my train with a promise I would let him now about if we were going to do it again.  I messaged him the next morning explaining it was nice to meet and I enjoyed the company but I wasn’t feeling it. Cut to my lunch break at work and I received a paragraph describe how he doesn’t buy the whole “it’s me not you” bullshit and he has had a shit love life this past year, band boy wants to know what he is doing wrong. What I expected was him to reply with a “cool it was nice meeting you/good luck” kind of text but no I was wrong. I told him I didn’t think we had a connection. I wasn’t going to say I found him dull, I am not rude and my mother didn’t bring me up that way. I haven’t heard from him since.

So what have I learned from my first dip into online dating:
1. Talk more before you meet.
2. Meet for coffee first, something short that you can leave if it is heading south.
3. I don’t like making out on a first date.
4. However, if things are going well and we do make out, ask me first, I like that.
5. And finally, appreciate it if you get my name right.

This whole experience hasn’t put me off, actually it has given me some confidence to step out again. I haven’t had the time in recent weeks but I feel more confident when starting a conversation on Tinder. I am ready to jump back into the dating world again and who knows maybe I will write up my next date?


Monthly Favourites #3

It wasn’t until then end of March where things became a little hectic for me. Once again most of this month was spent tackle university work and job hunting but I did manage to find some favourite this month.

Film of the month – Love, Rosie
Love, Rosie came out on dvd this month and I finally got round to watching it last week some time and I really enjoyed it. I read the book (Where Rainbows End – Ceceila Ahern) a few months back and there was some big differences in the film, but overall I honestly preferred the film over the book. Love, Rosie is a cute romcom (with a great soundtrack) and tells the story of childhood best friends Alex and Rosie and their love story and how they always seem to keep missing each other.  Sam Clafin and Lily Collins are great in their roles and they have good on screen chemistry.  If you are looking for a cute film to watch on Saturday night then this is a good first choice.

Product of the month – Mask of Magnaminity
I have been on the search for some time to find a face mask that gives a refreshing clean to your face. Mask of Magnaminity from Lush might just be the one. It gives off a strong peppermint smell (which I really like) and after using the mask my skin feels great. My skin is soft to touch and my spots are less prominent (they do not completely disappear but their appearance does greatly improve).  When I do not use the mask I notice my skin does seem somewhat lifeless. I aim to use the mask twice a week and before I head to bed. When I have gone through this pot, I will be sure to be pick up another.

mm lush

Artist of the month – Florence and the Machine
If you are unaware Florence and the Machine is back, well almost. I have been a fan of the band for some time and have been eagerly waiting for the new album, which is due out June 1st 2015. I am loving the three songs that have been released so far, especially St Jude. Some of the new songs do not sound as dramatic as songs from the previous albums but I enjoy them none the less. I think next year for the festival season Florence will be a big hit and headline some major festivals. If you have never listened to Florence and the Machine I would encourage you to do so, if you are looking for some songs to start with I would recommend St Jude, Shake It out, Spectrum and Breath of Life.

TV Show of the month – Once Upon A Time
Bless the holy lord that is Netflix as in the month of March the on demand service picked up Once Upon A Time (we UK viewers have not been able to watch it legally since Channel Five decided against renewing the third series). Now Netflix posts new episodes the following Wednesday after ABC’s Sunday release. I have been a big fan of Once Upon A Time (Once/OUAT) since it was first advertised on the TV and my mum mentioned that I might be interested in it. The show brings all your favourite fairy tales and some Disney characters into a huge mixing pot where there is not only a battle for good v evil but doing the right thing. Since the show is in its fourth season, I am not going to really mention what happens in the show as for spoilers but some of my favourite characters are Regina Mills/The Evil Queen, Emma Swan and Captain Hook. If you love fairy tales and Disney this show if for you!


Mother Knows Best!

In the UK, Mother’s Day is a stone’s throw away and inspired by this day this post will be looking at mother figures real life and in fiction.

My Mum
My mum’s star sign was a Leo and I feel that she epitomized being a Leo throughout her life. My mum was loyal, fierce and despite what may have seem as harsh attitude she was very caring. I see my mum as strong woman who went through so much but never gave up. As a mum, she was protective of me and my brother and she always did her best for us. She would often let us know some home truths no matter how much it hurt. One thing that my mum always made a point of was making sure I stood on my own two feet. A great example of this would be after a night out and one too many drinks later, my mum would inform me that I have to deal with the hangover myself. She wasn’t going to run around after me nursing my self-afflicted pain as she liked to put it.

My younger self and my mum with our German Shepherd, Oz.

My mum and myself with (our then puppy) German Shepherd, Oz.

My Nanna
My nanna was in her late teens when she lost her left leg in a crash with a lorry. But that never stopped her from having a great life, which to this day she still enjoys. My nanna raised two children and had a career as well as being quite the jetsetter. Austria, Spain, Germany and Hong Kong are all places my nanna has visited back in the day, I am somewhat envious of my nanna’s lust for travel. My nanna is a great family woman, my childhood was often filled with visiting her house and baking with her when my granddad and brother went to work.

My nanna and myself on my 18th birthday.

My nanna and myself on my 18th birthday.

Queen Elinor (Brave)
It was only a month or so ago that I finally got around to watching the film Brave. I loved the characters but I also loved Merdia’s relationship with her mother Elinor. Yes, Elinor was somewhat pushy on the whole marriage side and she is often seemed to play the ‘bad cop’ card a lot but it was evidently out of love. The film explores the relationship between Merdia and Elinor and it is great to see mother and daughter sort out their differences.

Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)
Molly freaking Weasley! The closest thing Harry has to a mother figure throughout the books, she basically has Harry become part of the family without battering an eyelid. The woman knits Harry a jumper for his first Christmas at Hogwarts!  What Ron and Harry have only been friends for four months, if that! Let’s face Molly is the leader of the Weasley family, she is a true mother hen. I bet when all the Weasley children have finally gone to school or are no longer at home, Molly finds herself at unrest at what to do. I also bet when her children start having grandchildren of their own she would spoil them rotten.

Snow White (Once Upon A Time)
My heart bleeds for Snow White and her relationship with Emma. It is obvious that Snow loves Emma and telling Charming to put her in that wardrobe was the hardest thing for her to do and she is constantly trying to make up for it. At times, Snow can seem a bit too much to Emma but as viewers we need to remember that Snow was not there to see Emma growing so all the fretting and worrying is what should would have been doing many years ago. I think Snow will always feel somewhat guilty for sending Emma away but I don’t think she will ever stop trying to make it up to Emma. Another point to Once Upon A Time for writing some amazing woman characters, one of the best shows that have some great female leads.


I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day wherever you are. Mum’s are great!