A purrfect trip to The Cat Café (Manchester)

Last week my flatmate and I went to The Cat Café in Manchester in the Northern Quarter. This was an advance booking which we made the previous week in the midst of having a breakdown over a freezing cold house.

By know you have probably heard about cat cafés, people pay money to spend an allotted time with cats in a café setting. It sounds crazy, right? Only cat crazy people would do it, well my friend you are wrong. As someone who is first a dog person (but does love the cats), the cat café is a great way to spend time with cats (especially if you don’t have any pets) and it does bring a smile to your face. My timing to the cat café came just after a very mixed week, so it left a very Cheshire grin on my face when I left.

All the cats that live at the cafe

The Cat Café in Manchester opened earlier this year and seems to be a growing success like other cat cafes around the country. The café has 11 cats who have all had previous homes and reside at the café, they have their own chill out room away from the public and staff are on hand to keep an eye on the felines. The Cat Café has various house rules set in place such as no picking up the cats and disturbing them when they sleep to keep the kitties at their happiest. There is also a strict limit of 20 people (not including staff) in The Cat Café at any one time.

We arrived on a rainy Friday evening around ten minutes before our allotted time at six o’clock but the girl on the desk allowed us to go in earlier as the café wasn’t full. You are required to wear slippers or shoe covers to protect the cats when entering the café and you can store your items in lockers provided free of charge. As we entered the café itself (after a three door system) we saw the odd two cats running about, which I will admit disappointed me a little. We order our free drinks and took a table and then more cats appeared out of nowhere, it was feeding time!
If you visit, I recommend around the six o’clock time as you will see a lot of the kittens. Feeding time was a little manic as the staff made sure the cats all eat their own food. Some of the felines returned to their room but the majority stayed out.

cat cafe college.jpg
(L- R: Georgina and Harvey, Aslan, Gus and Joel)

So for the next hour Beth and I moved around the café and interacted with the cats, we briefly stroked a few but cats are cats and they do what they want. You could really tell some of the cats personalities. Joel seemed rather excited, Aslan was done with everyone and Georgina was happy to observe from the bookcase. I would say we saw all but three of the cats, which I would consider a success. My personal favourite was Aslan but Harvey and Gus were just as adorably fluffy.

Would I go again? Hell yes!

Surprisingly spending the hour with some kittens made me really happy and it was just a cool thing to do with my time. I am already telling my friend when she visits we will go to The Cat Cafe. If you know someone or yourself would love to spend time with some precious cats give The Cat Café a whirl. I am sure you will have paw-some time.

gus so fluffy.jpgThis picture of Gus makes me chuckle