Goals for 2017 (aka A Review of Last Year’s Goals

First off let’s see how well I did this year with the goals that I had in place, they were the following:

– Read 21 Books
– Work on my blog and Youtube
– Get back into photography
– Write a book
– Learn the ukulele (bonus goal)

Now if we look at this from a statistical view, I failed.  However, I’m not keen on maths and I am looking at this as aims to achieve more than anything. So let’s break it down, what went well, what worked and what my goals are for the upcoming New Year.

Reading 21 books was admittedly a high task for me, I had just finished university the previous year and frankly still had issue with sitting down and reading. As of writing this blog by the time, it gets to New Year I will probably be hitting seventeen/eighteen on new books that I have read. It is three off my actually goal but a massive improvement on the eleven new books I read in 2015. I am going to take this as a partial success and a lesson. I am not going set myself such a ‘high’ goal next year; instead, it is going be twelve books. One new book a month, at least. This seems achievable.

Regarding the goal about working on my blog and YouTube, I said last year that I wasn’t sure how I was going to measure the success of this. So here, we are a year later. Looking at my stats things have improved but ultimately not as much as I would like. I have posted 18 times on this blog, which roughly works out at 1.5 blog posts a month, which I would consider consistent. During the latter half of this year, I dropped out of blogging due to other life commitments yet despite this it does show I can be somewhat regular with my content. This is a similar story with YouTube, it is not as impressive but it does show that when I put my mind to it I can commit to doing things.

And the last three goals, I admittedly failed on all parts. I did start playing my ukulele early this year but once again, when things got busy I dropped it, which is a poor excuse. The photography goal was a nonstarter and it did not help with me being a slight recluse for most of the year. I do intend on taking my camera home for Christmas and seeing what I can capture. Lastly, the write a book goal was just an idea I had and I still have the same idea in my head, maybe in the upcoming year I might actually put pen to paper and make some progress with this.

This leads me to the question, what are my goals for 2017?

– Read 12 books (one a month seems easy enough.)
– Clean up my social media accounts/computer (it is something that needs doing, clean computer clean mind.)
– Work on improving the foundations of my blog and YouTube (this is something I need to continue with. Baby steps my friend, baby steps.)
– Find time to explore the ukulele and photography (I don’t have to master them, just be able to play a few chords on the uke and have taken some pictures that I am proud of by next year.)

– Pass my damn drivers test (third time lucky, here is to hoping!)

In year let’s review, same time same place, see you then!


22 Things I Have Learned

Last week it is was my birthday and as you have probably already guessed I turned 22 (I am not feeling 22). Over the week I filmed various bits and pieces as I thought it would be interesting to document the busy week.  You can see the YouTube video at the end of this post.  In conjunction, on this blog I am doing a list of 22 Things I Have Learned which is something I have seen other YouTubers (Rosianna Halse Rojas & Karlie Kloss) and bloggers do.  I feel it is important to look back and see what you have learned but it is best not to linger in the past. The list you are about to read is a mixture of serious and funny things; take what you will from it.

  1. When one door closes, another will open. Maybe not straight away but it will you might just have to wait.
  2. The more cheese the better the cheesy chips.
  3. I can be extremely productive but I can also procrastinate till the cows come home.
  4. You might not find your closest friends until later on in life.
  5. Unplanned nights out are just as good as planned nights out, sometimes even better.
  6. P’s & Q’s are essentials in life, many people don’t have them.
  7. Sometimes it is hard to admit you are struggling but when you do there will be people to help.
  8. You will regret things, but don’t dwell on them, move on.
  9. Grief is not something that can be measured by time.
  10. Any fool can be cold.
  11. Some people never grow as a person but that is not your cross to bear.
  12. A lot of things make me happy. Don’t be afraid to tell people what those things are.
  13. It is not about view counts or subscribers, if you are enjoying the content you are making carry on.
  14. University does not guarantee a job but your time their will give you much needed life lessons.
  15. Everyone can be an asshole, even you.
  16. Being in your 20’s does not mean you have to have your life together.
  17. Having a bottle opener and a pen is always useful.
  18. Baking makes me happy, bake more.
  19. You might not realise how important you are to others.
  20. My loyalty is a great virtue but it is also a vice.
  21. I am very much a Gryffindor.
  22. Laughter is the best feeling in the world.

A Sudden Burst of Creativity

This is going to be a short update blog post of shorts. Over the past week or so, I have had a lot of ideas hit me with what to blog about and what videos I would like to do on YouTube, so if there is more than the weekly blog post from me just go with it. I don’t know how long this burst of creativity will last for but I am really enjoying the feel of it at the moment.

As I previously stated I am starting (again) to post videos on YouTube, I do have aims to be more regular with the updates. The video this week is a rambling video about the education system in the UK, it actually ties in nicely with a blog post I wrote a few months ago about being a graduate and the lack of opportunities. Despite the rambling of this video, I am really happy with, it wasn’t forced and it might not get views but it is something I am passionate about. Feel free to check the video out and let me know what you think!